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5 Factors Why the UK Businesses Ask for Data Centres’ Help

5 Factors Why the UK Businesses Ask for Data Centres’ Help

The United Kingdom is a prime place to a variety of promising businesses and/or companies of almost all type of industries and sizes. It’s like a room permeated with excellent people with a bright future waiting ahead of them.

However, despite the delightful fact that the UK businesses and/or companies are second to none in the corporate world, they still opt to seek help, especially in securing their data and files. And one of the most sought-after aid they look up to is coming from the selection of the UK data centres.

The data centres and its services show the brightest shine of light for the UK businesses to see their best route to success. Yet, at some point in time, there seem to have no room for recognition to the great contributions of the UK data centres whenever one company reaches the top.

Thus, this piece highlights the foreseen advantages of a variety of UK data centres. Furthermore, it also provides the possible reasons why almost all of the UK businesses cry for the data centres’ help round-the-clock.

Data Centres: Brief Definition and Introduction

A data centre is either a building, a dedicated area within a building, or a collection of buildings that are used to hold computer systems and correlated components like telecommunications and storage system.

The UK businesses are more likely one of the major targets of the hackers and/or cybersecurity intruders around the globe. The list below presents 5 of the largest cybersecurity attacks the UK’s corporate world faced throughout the years – the year 2017 being the latest to date.

  1. Wannacry ransomware attack (2017)
  2. Wonga cyber-attack (2017)
  3. Three UK’s ‘upgrade fraud’ data breach (2016)
  4. TalkTalk Data breach (2015)
  5. Tesco cyber-attack (2016)

The list above simply shows that cyber-attacks are now horrible nightmares for UK businesses. That’s why data centres continue to provide a better service and guarantee their customers that services’ offered will be innovating consistently.

The following are several of the different services granted by the UK data centres.

  • The UK dedicated servers
  • Affordable dedicated servers
  • Cloud servers
  • Colocation
  • Data backup
  • Hosted exchange
  • Managed servers

…and more corresponding services depending on the data centre that one company is considering. The colocation, managed servers, the UK dedicated servers, and data backup are the common services availed by the businesses.

1. Data centres offer a tight security

If one company isn’t capable of providing its on-site data centre the appropriate safety and security services it needs, data centres are well-equipped to cover up. The data centres are known for their tight security through the use of security cameras instilled around the data centre premises, alarms, and security staff or personnel who monitor the data centre grounds 24/7.

2. It has a laudable environment

Not all businesses can instantly provide their company with a safe and sound environment particularly the start-up businesses. In that case, a data centre can take full responsibility to house the company’s servers and provide a healthy environment at any time of the day.

The business will no longer worry about the possible expenditures of air conditioning, fire prevention predicaments, and probable unfortunate incidents.

3. It has excellent power

The lack of power supply is one of the reasons why UK businesses allow the data centres to take in charge of housing their servers. With its excellent power supply, data centres can attest any outages won’t intrude the business.

4. It’s absolutely accessible

One big role of the data centres around the UK is to deliver absolute accessibility to their clients. The clients or businesses are free to visit and take time to monitor their servers any time – thanks to data centres.

5. It’s definitely cost-efficient

An on-site data centre can cost one business a big amount of money. To take into account that a data centre must possess compelling servers, well-secured areas, good ventilation, security staff and personnel 24/7, security cameras, and many more on the list.

If a business can’t handle the possible expenses, acquiring one or more services from a data centre will be a big help. Surprisingly, data centres can help companies save a big amount of money. This is proven by the fact that data centres can sustain almost all of the businesses’ data safety and security concerns.

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