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Future of Internet of Things (IoT) in the Healthcare Industry : A Basic Need

Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Industry is growing rapidly with the use of Internet of Things (IoT) and is
redefining this industry with the development of the better health of the patients. The IoT,
basically a network of applications with ability to exchange data is bringing more efficiency in
the healthcare system with respect to time, energy and cost.

The combination of IoT and the
healthcare industry has led to its growth delivering the following benefits as listed below:-

● Improved Healthcare System

According to Allied Market Research, the IoT healthcare market is expected to reach a
net worth of $136 billion by the year 2021. Integration of the IoT with the medical
devices has resulted in improvisation of the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare
service bringing a new revolution for the patients and the healthcare professionals.

● Data-driven healthcare decisions

Innovative tools from surgical robots to wellness sensors developed by the IoT is helping
the healthcare professionals use the real-time data generated from these devices in order
to identify the needs of the patient towards leading a better health. Data-driven healthcare
decisions and continuous observation allows the healthcare professionals to develop
treatment strategies on the basis of possible evidences thus improving the treatment

● Cost-effective solutions providing better engagement

The healthcare market aims to give enhanced healthcare services with secured and
cost-effective solutions for the patients making use of the efficient IoT technologies. This
will ultimately promote better engagement between clinicians and patients.


The increasing demand of the IoT applications in this industry satisfying the needs of the patients
and medical professionals shows a clear picture of this industry reaching to its peak in the near
future. IoT has become a daily part of the lives of the patients and the healthcare professionals
making their life easier to handle the complications and provide proper treatment in terms of
health. Considering these points, no doubt, IoT will be considered as a basic need in the
healthcare industry in the near future.

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