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Off the Beaten Path: 8 Reasons Why You Should Give Motorbike Traveling a Try

Off the Beaten Path: 7 Reasons Why You Should Give Motorbike Traveling a Try

Some individuals love traveling the open road no matter what the destination; others prefer to stay home or only venture out as far as the limits of their town. Those that prefer traveling far and wide often decide to take a motorbike so they can experience every bump and curve as an added adventure.

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Here are 8 reasons why you should give motorbike traveling a try:

  1. Connect With Nature

Traveling by motorbike is a great way to connect with nature. Unlike a car, you will feel the wind, the rain, the heat, the chill, and every bump in the road. And because of the sensations of feeling the weather, you will have a new appreciation for Mother Nature.

Driving around the country in a motorbike will allow you to see more of the natural world. There is so much people miss when they are in a car. Depending on what part of the country, you are driving through, and the season, you will see various animals and insects, foliage and weather patterns.

  1. Adventure

If you like adventure, roaming the countryside by motorbike is a great way to experience something new. You will need to prepare for things you might not encounter in a vehicle, like stopping due to bad weather, illness and delays or detours.

You may not know where you are going to sleep that night, because even if you plan ahead, you may not reach your destination on time. Weather delays are the most common cause of detours on your motorbike adventure. You may also find a spot you want to explore for a long period of time, which you may have missed in a car.

  1. Meeting People

When riding around on a motorbike, it is more likely you will meet interesting people. When you are in a car, you tend to be in your own world, a bubble that doesn’t allow you to connect with others.

Driving a motorbike allows you to see and stop at the things and people you find interesting. This could include a roadside stand or an out of the way diner for a delicious lunch break. You are more likely to talk to people when on a motorbike than in a car. You will get off the bike and go inside stores and restaurants rather than use the drive-thru and that allows you to communicate with others.

  1. Off the Main Roads

When you are mobile by motorbike, you could opt for the road less traveled. It is, actually better to travel on the off roads and side streets than it is on the highways.

Avoiding highways with lots of cars, not to mention the semi-trucks is better for your safety on a motorbike. Car drivers do not always look for someone or a motorbike in their blind spot. They are looking for a larger vehicle, a car, and this can be dangerous.

  1. Minimal Impact

When you choose to drive around the country on a motorbike, you are saving the planet in many ways. First, you have chosen a mode of transportation that has a smaller carbon footprint than a large car or motor home.

Second, you can only bring so much with you as there is not a large trunk area for extra luggage and personal items. This will cut down on the amount of waste you will create and leave behind. Even if you have a sidecar or small trailer, you hitch to the bike, there is still only a small amount of room.

  1. Photo Ops

When motoring around the country in a car, you miss a lot of opportunities to investigate the beauty of different spots. This also means you could miss a great photo op. There is so much beauty around the country that simply cannot be seen through a car window.

Exploring the country on a motorbike is the best way to find different places and enjoy the beauty of the world around you. Even if you don’t have a travel companion, you can take wonderful photographs of the surroundings and various selfies if you are careful.

  1. Shared Adventure

When exploring the world on a motorbike, having a companion at your side is a wonderful, intimate experience. You will be able to share all the wonderful sights, sounds smells and everything that can come up with a two-wheeled trip around the world.

You can trade off driving and that will help with the fatigue of riding a motorbike long distance. It is also nice to share the open road with someone who can help you navigate the roadways either with a map or GPS. This allows the driver to concentrate more on the road and not the details of how to get where you are going.

Even if your travel companion is furry and has four legs, you will enjoy the adventure through their eyes and excitement. Just be sure to strap your dog in, and just like you are careful, get them a helmet and goggles for protection.

  1. Freedom

When traveling around the country on a motorbike, you will experience freedom like you never had before. By using the side streets and back roads, and not the highway, you will find so much more than an off-ramp with fast-food places.

The back roads and side streets offer a glimpse of everyday America or the small villages and towns in other countries. This is where you will find and appreciate freedom more than on the open highways. You will see and experience a wide variety of things people on the highway miss. You can also slow down and enjoy the view better on the back roads.

On your next trip, opt for a motorbike and experience the open road in a whole new way. Find your freedom and a new spirit through two wheels, or three, rather than a closed car.

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