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Top Blogging Mistakes You Should Stop Making Right Now

Top Blogging Mistakes You Should Stop Making Right Now

Blogging can thus be termed as to sharing our knowledge and information to a larger audience base. Many people take blogging as a full-time task while the others take it as a part-time and interestingly both are worthy.

But you know what the best thing about blogging is? People here have the freedom of choosing any niche of their choice. From technology to cooking, from fashion to healthcare, from entertainment to consultancy, people have the liberty of choosing any direction which suits the best for them.

Well like other career options, here too one must follow certain rules and avoid some mistakes which might hamper their career.

Below mentioned some Top blogging mistakes you should stop making right now for maintaining a healthy blog.

1) Writing for bots

In the run for ranking our blog post on the 1st page of google, we sometimes forget who we are writing for. We take care of keyword analysis, Meta description, and keyword in the title but do we really think of what the audience wants from us?

Well, the above-mentioned points along with off-page SEO is important for ranking but for a successful blog, writing posts according to the interest of the audience has more importance.

Blog posts which solve the problems of the many and provides valuable information have a greater value. People liking your posts will surely link back to it and at the same time share, he posts with their friends. Social shares do play a major role in the ranking of any post and thus keyword research along with social shares surely gives a boost in ranking.

2) You don’t set a plan

Talk about any field, a person without a definite plan can’t execute their tasks is a proper way. For example, a football player dedicated to winning a World Cup, can that person afford to skip his practice session because he/she is not in the mood?

Of course not, similarly a blogger can’t afford to miss his work on his blog due to boredom. A proper schedule is really important like planning post in advance, setting a publishing date, following an editorial calendar etc.

Consistency is thus important. Not only in the quantity of post but also in the quality too. You just can’t write a post very good and the other an ordinary one.

So, the consistency of work here has got greater importance.

3) Trying to please everyone

There are billions of people present online and the fact is you just can’t please all of them. No matter how good you present the post, there will still be some people who won’t agree with the information.

Stick to your plan and work accordingly in order to maintain the pace. Instead of covering all the topics, it’s always better to pick a particular topic or idea and work on it. Also, make sure to check the interest of the audience of the particular topic you are working on.

For example, if you are running a technology blog, you just can’t cover all aspects such as reviews, online earning, explaining the technology, tech news etc. Although you can do it that becomes a bit difficult on targeting and providing the best content each time.

So this is one of the top blogging mistakes you should stop making right now for a good career.

4) Headlines should be catchy

Just as the cover of the book tells a lot about the interior of the book, similarly a good headline gives an idea on how the post will look like.

On a study, it is found that 8 out of 10 people gives importance to headlines. So this means a majority portion of the audience go through the whole post only when they are convinced with the headline.

So, in order to boost traffic and increase post clicks, a catchy headline is really important. One can take the idea from news channels even on how to place their headlines.

Use the same rule when creating your meta title and description.

5) No time spent in editing the posts

Many people have tendencies of just writing and publishing posts without any double thoughts.

Most of the time we think our written post to be perfect right? But that is not correct always. Give some attention to your blog post with some editing and check how it does wonders for you.

Most experienced writers sometimes commit a grammatical error which can only be solved by spending some time on editing.

So, a little time spent on analyzing the post can really do wonders and give a good expression amongst the readers.

6) Avoiding long-term organic traffic

Well, who does not like instant traffic? Everyone does right? But in this process, people often forget that a keyword which has the potential of ranking for a long time has got a greater value as it’s a source of organic traffic.

Sometimes we tend to go for high CPC keyword and drive traffic from sources like email subscribers, RSS feeds, and social shares. Although these are good sources and are valuable but ignoring organic sources for such is not at all acceptable.

So, instead of concentrating on the short-term process, it is always recommended to go for organic ways. Although a bit slow but will steadily increase web traffic.

Writing post which solves the problems of many are always better and such post are called “evergreen post”. They tend to drive traffic on a regular basis.

7) Focusing on monetization from the day 1

Most bloggers don’t have patience. Instead of thinking of growing their blog, they think all the time about making money. They apply for AdSense, join affiliate networks and try all methods to make money from their blog.

This way, they lose their focus and that’s the reason they are not able to grow their blog.

Making money from the blog takes time. You should give at least month to your blog without thinking about monetization. Once you get good traffic, you can go ahead with AdSense, affiliate programs or other ways.


No matter the reason you stepped into the field of blogging, but once in, one should be dedicated and passionate enough to carry the blog to a new height.

Above mention some top blogging mistakes you should stop making right now in order to do favorable and important things for blog to acquire success. Also, another important thing here is to make a brand of yourself. People will always remember you by the way you write or present the post. So, making a brand of yourself is really worth it.

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