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Things you should know prior to visit CMC Vellore for treatment.

Things you should know prior to visit CMC Vellore for treatment.

Here are some advice who are seeking to visit vellore for treatment.

Vellore cmc related information:

  1. Everyone is aware of the fact how fruitful is getting treatment from such a prestigious and famous hospital. When all doors are closed, we turn our path towards Vellore CMC in order to get treatment for our people suffering from ailment or any disease. Through this blog, I am just trying to figure out the processes that you should follow to visit the place, making arrangements for staying, contacts, treatment costs, medicines etc. 
  2. Language – If you know Hindi and English, I expect that would not be any problem to you to communicate with people out there. However, recently 10% of today’s patients are from Bangladesh and West Bengal. So, if you know Bengali that will also help you in interacting with local people. 
  3. Appointment – There are two kinds of appointment:
  • General appointment (visited by Junior doctors) 
  • Private appointment (visited by Senior doctors) 

You should go for a private appointment if you are from a different city / state.

  1. Appointment process:

Generally, they have two options for appointment i.e. Offline appointment and Online appointment. 

  • Online appointment: Since, you are an outstation patient and visiting from a place like Kolkata, West Bengal, it is advised to opt for an online appointment. There is huge crowd for taking the appointments which might take 15-30 days. Steps to book online appointment open this url: https://clin.cmcvellore.ac.in/webapt/Repeat/Login.aspx Click > New Patient, if you are a new in CMC otherwise please enter the Hospital No and Patient Birth Year to login.
  • Offline appointment: On entering the main gate of Vellore, you will get to see “SILVER GATE FOR NEW APPOINTMENT”. You need to go there and describe your concern and the officials will guide you through the appointment to the desired department. In this case, you will positively get a private appointment date within 3-30 days. 
  1. Emergency Treatment: They have a separate department for the patients who require urgent treatment and proper care. You can simply visit that department and their healthcare professionals will let you know the whole process for this.
  2. Which department you need to visit? 

You should know which department you need to take an appointment otherwise it will be just a waste of your precious money and time both. For e.g. you need to choose the ENT department if you have a problem related to ear, Endocrinology department for problems regarding hormones, Oncology for cancer treatment etc. If you are unable to determine which department you actually need, just visit their site and call on the helpline number provided in their website. The staff of CMC Vellore will help you in determining your department as you inform him/her about your problem. The CLINIC is chosen according to the department of the disease/problem you are suffering from.

  1. Your Stay:

As there is a huge demand for the rooms for staying, there are lots of hotels and lodges to make your stay comfortable and affordable. The price of double or triple bedrooms ranges from Rs 150 to 2000 according to your requirements.

As you go far from the Institute, you will see the cost of your stay decreases. You can get a nice and affordable room for your stay at just 7-8 mins distance from the Institute which may cost you around Rs. 200-250/- only. People also select a nearby room for 24 hours and then search for a cheaper room nearest to the location.

  1. Fooding:

There are a large number of Bengali hotels where you can eat rice with vegetables within just Rs. 40-60. You can also have South Indian food. However, you will be unable to consume this food for a long term.


There are 3-4 main buildings of CMC.

  • OPD BUILDING (outdoor patients) –

Mostly you will be visiting doctor in this building. Work activities are conducted all over the five-storey building. 

> Ground Floor:

This floor is for every tests examined here like blood, urine, X-ray, etc. You need to go to the payment cash counter with the recommended tests written by the doctor in your prescription. CASH / DEBIT -CREDIT-ATM CARD/ CRISS CARD are used for payment activity (Described in details below). 

Your room number will be specified in the payment slip from where you will be able to conduct the tests. For e.g. G20 – for blood test, G11 – for X-ray, etc. You can come early to make the test process as early as possible from 6 A.M. in the morning. You need to stand in queue since 5 – 5:30 A.M. in the morning.


You can find a variety of private and general doctors related to different departments in each room on the 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor respectively. A specific floor will be mentioned in your appointment letter. For e.g. OPD Building SECOND FLOOR 210, report to MRO at 10:30 A.M.

This means that you have to go to room no. 210 on the second floor. On the front of the room, there will be an MRO COUNTER where you need to submit your appointment copy between 10:30 – 11:30 A.M.


In OPD BUILDING, multiple activities like new appointments, repeat appointments, pharmacy, CRISS CARD, Cash Payment. Even doctors check patients on the above floor of this building.


Generally on counter no. 4 -10, new appointments, tests and other works are conducted against the payment in cash.


If you want to have a repeat appointment, you should go to counter from 11-13. The present officials will ask you about the doctor information and provide you with an appointment accordingly.

Pharmacy: In general, they distribute medicines to the patients till three months. On completion of three months, you are required to stand in queue to buy medicines with money.


Making criss card will be helpful and will reduce the hassle. As you mention your HOSPITAL NO. (PATIENT ID) to the criss card staff, he/she will help you with required information. You have to recharge this card with money either through cash or ATM transfer. With this criss card, you will be able to make the payment easily without standing for hours in a queue as there are various payment counters for this card inside the hospital premises.

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For rescheduling the appointment date, either preceding or succeeding the appointment date.

You have to stand in the long crowded queue with your payment slip in the HELP DESK of ISSCC building. They will help you in changing the appointment date once you tell their problem. (If the dates are vacant there are empty appointment slots).


Generally, it is referred as physiotherapy department. Various physiotherapy equipments are found here. PMR BUILDING will be mentioned in your payment slip or appointment letter.


For surgical treatment, patient is admitted to this building. This place is cleaned with proper hygiene. The building is focused on diagnosis of the patient with a number of tests. Once your problem is diagnosed, then only proper treatment is started.


Generally, most of the tests are conducted here. However, tests like USG may take 3-4 days. So, during a consultation with your doctor, request him/her to send your tests to ALPHA CLINIC. As and when prescribed by the doctor to this clinic for conducting tests, the process is completed in just one day instead of 3-4 days.


They have an arrangement for Emergency Test. Once the test has been done for a respective patient, the reports are automatically sent to patient’s HOSPITAL No. and the concerned Doctor without directly providing it to the patient. As per the sources, for receiving the report, the patient needs to apply as required.


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